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Frequently Asked Questions

Importing Questions

What cars are legal to import now?
- Vehicles that are over 25 years old by month and year.

What about vehicles less than 25 years old?
- Vehicles less than 25 years old
are not legal to import and are subject to seizure by the US Government.

Will the government seize my newly imported car and crush it?
- All the cars imported by Driver Motorsports are 100% Legal and include a valid VA Title transferable to all 50 states.

Do you have cars in stock or
- We only bring in clean, desirable and quality vehicles because our reputation is very important to us.

Can Driver Motorsports find a car that I want?
Sorry, we do not take orders for cars due the the logistics involved with taking a deposit locating and actually having a vehicle arrive in the expecting condition.

Buying Questions

Do you finance?
- We do not offer in house financing but please e-mail us and we will give you info on how to get it done.

Is Driver Motorsports an independent auto dealer?
- Yes, we are bonded and licensed and by the Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board.

Can I check out the vehicle in person before I buy?
- Yes, please come see us anytime we want you to be 100% confident in your with your purchase.

Are there any additional fees?

- No, the prices listed are 100% Out-the-Door! No additional fees on top these prices. We do not charge a processing fee.

What all do I get with the vehicle?
- You get the vehicle, a valid VA title that is fully transferable to all 50 states and we will supply you with a 30 day tag/plate so you can drive your dream home. You are responsible for having the car insured.

Can I have the car shipped to my location?
- Once you have purchased the vehicle, we can work with you to arrange shipment. It is a very simple process and we will help you every step of the way.

Do these vehicles come with a return policy or warranty of any type?
- Sorry but all vehicles are sold as is, this is due to the age of the vehicles we sell.