Are JDM cars are legal to import?

Yes, vehicles that are over 25 years old by month and year. Our vehicles are 100% Customs cleared.

How do I register my JDM vehicle?

We provide all necessary documentation to you upon your purchase so that you can title the vehicle in your home state and will be glad to assist with any questions you might have. CA and HI do have some restrictions, please contact your DMV if you want to own a direct import in either of those states.

Can I insure my purchase?

Yes, we recommend State Farm Insurance as a trusted partner. Your insurance company may be able to insure the vehicle as well, please refer to "Insurance Continued".

Will you ship my JDM vehicle?

Once purchased, we can arrange shipping for your purchase to anywhere in the world!

Do you have cars in stock?

Yes, they sell fast so if you see a car you are interested in please contact us right away. We always have cars on the way from Japan so contact us if you are looking for a particular car.

Insurance Cont'd..

Please ask your insurance carrier to insure the car on a stated value, there is no book value. Your insurance company will likely have an issue entering the JDM VIN into thier system because the VIN's are not 17 digits long. Take the - out and add zeros to make the VIN 17 digits

Is Driver Motorsports an independent auto dealer?

Yes, we are bonded and licensed by the State of Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board.

Can I check out the vehicle in person before I buy?

Yes, please come see us anytime we want you to be 100% confident with your purchase. We are open M-F 9-5 but by appointment anytime you need.

Are there any additional fees?

No, the prices listed are 100% Out-the-Door! We do not charge a processing fees or any other additional fees. You will need to pay whatever taxes and fees your state charges to register/title the vehicle.

Do these vehicles come with a return policy or warranty of any type?

All vehicles are sold as is, this is due to the age and nature of the vehicles we sell.