1991 Stock Grey Nissan R32 Skyline GTR

Available now at Driver Motorsports is this stock R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R! This 1991 GTR is for sale in the USA, it is 100% legal, is customs cleared with a valid Virginia title and all importation documents. This Skyline has 81,525 actual miles. (Ask for price).

Clean, clean, and as stock as they come. This Gun Grey R32 looks like it just rolled off the assembly line! There isn't a lot to talk about as far as modifications go so we will concentrate on what makes these cars the legends that they are.

The R32 GTR is such an awesome car to drive and is very capable, especially after you consider 27 years have passed since its first production. Designed by Nissan to compete in Group A racing the engineers set out to not just win but dominate and that's exactly what they did. Rules for the series dictated a lot and one way to get around traction issues was to make the car all-wheel drive (AWD) using Nissan's ATTESA system. Now with an AWD car comes the inherent problem of under-steer. So the engineers decided to add their all wheel steering system (HICAS). This helps to rotate the car around the corners, the driver can then get on the power sooner and that equates to faster lap times and victories! The power is produced by a 2.6 Liter inline 6 twin turbo engine the RB26DETT. This engine was technologically ahead of it's time. Add all these things together, along with it's iconic shape and you have a winner, on and off the track.

Ready for pick up in Rustburg VA 24588 or we can arrange shipment to your door. This car is extremely clean and rust free! If you are looking to buy a quality GTR in great condition come see us because we only import the best!

Driver Motorsports is proud to offer $500 off this GT-R to all active duty military personnel and veterans with a valid military ID!
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