Benji Jones R32 Nissan Skyline GTR

I can not thank Chris at Driver Motorsports enough. He made a dream of mine turn to reality. I contacted and talked to many dealers about other GTR's. Wow, you should have seen the examples I was given. I am not going to blast those dealers at all but I will tell you if you want quality, attention to detail, and genuine conversation then Driver Motorsports is the way to go. There wasn't one second that I felt that I could not trust Chris. The facility is amazing, I could talk cars with the guys there all day. If you do not see something on their site and you are a serious buyer reach out to Chris. There is a chance he has it coming in or its not listed yet. Chris made my dream come true, I am sure he can do the same to you. The process was easy. We purchased a 1991 Nissan Skyline GTR from Driver Motorsports and I will only buy form Chris from here on out. Thank you Driver Motorsports!

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Seth Daniels HDJ81 Toyota Land Cruiser

I highly recommend Driver Motorsports for your next (or first) JDM purchase, the owner Chris made the whole process very easy and enjoyable. He went out of his way to provide me with as many pictures and videos of my vehicle as I needed to make my decision to purchase. He never acted as if I was asking too much, or wasting his time. I flew from Missouri to Virginia and Chris picked me up at the airport in my vehicle, a 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81. Once back at the shop Chris took me on a tour of his dealership, introduced me to his mechanics and was very friendly and accommodating. He even gave me three shirts and a baseball cap! I then made the long 1100 mile trip home in my new to me Cruiser which never missed a beat! Thank you Chris and Driver Motorsports for such an enjoyable buying experience!

Jdm toyota land cruiser hdj81
Evan Slayton

You can't ask for a better group of guys. Cars are top notch.

Devin Parrett

Bought my GT-R from here and it was super easy they answered any questions I had and the car was just they way they said it was! I will be doing business with them again. Thank you driver motorsports!

Chris Minton

Recently purchased my skyline through Driver Motorsports and couldn't be more satisfied. The car is exceptionally clean, and what i would call a premium imported car. After seeing several good cars come and go along with their good rating I decided to choose them to get my car through, despite having a couple local importers to me. Chris was very informative even before I made the purchase and after meeting him in person, I can assure you he does everything he can to make sure cars leave out the door in a 9/10 or higher condition. He even took me in the back to show me whats to come and they fully go over these cars, and if somethings wrong they fix it rather than hide it. It was a pleasure doing business and you can expect me back in the future. She drove the 10 hour ride home like a dream with no issues, people turning their heads left and right. I even get people (non car enthusiasts) asking me if the car is new and when I tell them it's a 1990 they dont believe me as the car is mint.

Ben Bartell

Took my nephew there yesterday to look at the cars and buy a t-shirt and hoodie and the guys were super nice!!!!!!!!

Jeremy Bonilla

Started out rough with but ended up right car was meant for me and it happened ! He was so smooth took care of me very happy with the process now just waiting for the car

Chris Kirby

Driver Motorsports sold me a beautiful skyline gtr. Honest and responsive the entire process. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

Cody Stout

I bought a 91 celica Gt4 Rc. It was the first imported vehicle I’ve owned. They were very responsive and made the whole thing super easy. I had the car shipped from Virginia to Ohio. Shipping was quick and we had no issues. I was super satisfied and would recommend Driver Motorsports for anyone looking for an imported vehicle.

Matthew Tatro

I received my 90 R32 GTR Skyline today and the car was in great condition. Very happy with my new car and the process was easy and stress less. Can’t say enough good things about this company, was worried putting that kind of money out there but these guys were very much professional and would trust them any day. Thanks again see you for the GTR r33.

Matt Lenhart

I bought my jzz30 soarer from driver motorsports, they were nothing but helpful and went out of their way to help me get down the road in my new car. I immediately drove the car 4hrs and had no problems whatsoever with the car, then another 5hrs straight the next day. Nothing at all wrong mechanically or otherwise. I will definitely buy again.

Jesus Canete

I bought my R32 GTR from Driver Motorsport and it was a great experience overall. Chris clearly explains and answers question of the vehicle and process. Great website shows you great pictures of the vehicle, plus just ask on anything you see and you get an answer. Lets you know which financial route might be good for you. Helps along and clearly explains the paper work that is needed, which is actually simple process. Smooth funds transaction process. When the car was shipped and delivered to my home, I paid little extra for enclosed but it is worth it. The was exactly how on the site, beautiful machine. I am very pleased with the whole buying experience, was a little nervous since I did not go see the vehicle. In the end A+ service and product. Thank you guys. BTW, Ed is the cool guy that get to drive these machine on videos. 2 thumbs up for him!

Neal Sharrow

Really impressive shop!! Enjoyed talking and checking the place out!!

Branden Davis

So, all I have to say about Driver Motorsports and the owner, Chris, is that they are awesome and unbelievably easy to work with. It is extremely nerve wrecking buying an imported car, especially sight unseen. I grilled them for pictures, and more pictures, and videos and more information and they were more than happy to provide everything I asked for promptly. They were straight forward about the minor issues the car had (which was practically nothing to be honest). I have been into the import and drifting scene since 2005 and I had plenty of casual conversations with the owner as well. It was nice not talking to a sales person and actually talking to someone who shares the same passion. I bought the midnight blue 1992 Nissan Gloria this past week (November 2017), and once it showed up to my house, I was SOOOOOOOOO happy with my purchase. Everything worked perfect, the engine and transmission worked great. Starts like a charm, doors, hood and trunk open and close with ease. It was incredibly clean; you can eat off of this engine bay – no joke. They even arranged and scheduled shipping for me. I just gave them my address and voila! I put the deposit down on a Thursday, paid the vehicle off in full on Friday and signed all the paperwork. Car shipped Monday morning from VA to STL MO and it arrived Tuesday afternoon. This was an unbelievably awesome and easy experience. I will certainly be buying my s15 from them when they become legal. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE FROM DRIVER MOTORSPORTS. I GIVE THEM A 14 OUT OF 10.

Jessica Thompson Mazda RX7 JDM RHD FD FD3S

I have never had a better experience with purchasing a car than with Driver Motorsports. My fiancé was ready for an FD and we are so happy we came here. Chris was ready to answer every question we threw at him and made us 110% confident that we were getting a beautiful and well maintained vehicle. I can say from being at the dealership in person that they carry nothing but the finest imports I’ve ever seen. We were so happy with our FD3S that we took it to a show the very next day and left with a trophy. For anyone wondering we purchased the 1992 Black FD3S type R. The second one Driver Motorsports ever sold. We love our FD thank you so much for being awesome!

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Steve Shea

Glad to see a Company that knows what's needed and wants of a Vehicle that's long enough looked for, State side for the Unique taste and Quality of Imports for Clients !! My time will come!! Keep them coming guys

Austin Bosier

I like their cars and the style that they bring to the world.

Jordan Watkins

Didn’t know about you until I saw that STUNNING Z32. We need more of those. Thanks lol

Michael Thomas

Probably the smoothest and most pain free purchase I’ve ever made. Chris was always available to answer any questions I had about the purchase of my dream car. They worked with me to be available whenever I wanted to come and pick the car up. Could not be any happier with my 92’ skyline GTR. Every car that comes out of their facility is second to non. I would recommend Driver Motorsports to anyone looking to purchase an imported car from a quality dealership.

Tyler Fitterer

Just got a Fairlady Z from Chris. The car is even better then expected! Also it was a very smooth transaction and Chris went above and beyond to help. He even met us at 2:30 am so we could grab the car!

I will only be going through these guys for all other JDM purchases!

Thanks again Chris!

PS beautiful shop

Ben James

I wish I could give Driver Motorsports 100 starts! With their help i was able to purchase my dream car! It was in even better shape than i could have hoped for! Its almost mint condition and its 28 yrs old! These guys really put in their time and effort to only bring over and sell the best cars around! I will definitely be buying from you guys again in the future! Driver Motorsports was hands down the best dealership experience I have ever had for ANY car, let alone a 28yr old Japanese car. There was plenty of times Ed from Driver motorsports was answering my question till 11pm EST! Now thats dedication!

(I think Ed deserves a raise for the amount of time and effort he put in helping me)

Chris Helms

Messaged them about importing a Skyline, got a immediate response and took time to converse with me and tell me about a few cars they haven’t even put out for sale that they have coming in, gave me details on the cars, and were extremely friendly and knowledgeable, I will recommend them to anyone that ask me about importers and will be where I’m going to get my JDM dream car. Who ever runs yalls FB Page needs a raise!!!

Adam Saccoccia 


Austin Ewasiuk

The best thing about working with Chris at Driver Motorsports is that through the entire ordeal, it was like i was talking to another jdm enthusiast. Not once did i feel like i was talking to a salesman. Chris was professional, polite, and i dont think the guy ever sleeps. I have always been skeptical about paying for a car before seeing it. Lots and lots of horror stories online, but that did NOT happen with driver motorsports, and im glad i did it. I had originally inquired about another skyline that had already been sold, and a question of "you got anything else coming soon?" landed me in the skyline of my dreams. The car is in amazing condition, and is jaw droppingly clean - and they werent lying when they said no rust! Everyone i have driven in the car was shocked that its 28 years old - it drives just like it left the factory. It ate up the 800 mile drive back to the suburbs of chicago with ease - the car even averaged 21 miles to the gallon in 5th doing 70-90 the whole way home! When i was in the showroom, it struck me how hard these guys work to make sure every car is clean and in amazing condition for their future owners. Every car they had on the showroom floor looked brand new - From the Widebody R32 GTR, to the Stock R32 GTR, to the SW20 MR2, every car looked brand new, no matter the pricetag. I had done my research and talked to every big name importer, but after i talked to Chris that first time, and he showed me pictures of my skyline, i knew right away it was the one, and that Driver Motorsports was going to take care of me. and they did.

Zachary Knight

I don't have enough great things about Driver Motorsports and how Chris runs his business. From the moment I contacted him a couple months ago about looking for a car in my budget and specifications, until today when I picked up the car of my dreams Chris was awesome. Even though I was originally inquiring out of curiosity at the beginning Chris was fantastic and answered any and every question that I had about the cars and the whole import process. Driver Motorsports goes above and beyond with every car they import and treat them as if they were their own cars. They go through the entire car front to back and top to bottom to ensure there are no issues for when the customer picks up the car. Chris was even willing to send me a video of a compression test and driving video to show the car was in perfect working order. They even have the cars detailed prior to delivery which is nice. There were a few little maintenance items that were required on my car before purchase and Chris offered to take care of them before the delivery without batting an eye. This has honestly been one of the smoothest and best car purchasing transactions I have ever had. I didn't even have a problem at the DMV when I got home because Chris provides instruction and the necessary documentation to make this a breeze. I HIGHLY suggest Driver Motorsports and will only use them for my next import purchase. Buy with confidence and know you're not going to get a nightmare of a care at Driver Motorsports, they only import the BEST!

Christopher Marien

Went there with a friend to look at a car. The cars are as they are represented in any photo or video. Chris is an awesome car guy not a sales guy if I ever want to purchase a car from Japan this will be the place I go!

Bobby Weaver Nissan Cedric Y32

Just purchased my Y32 Cedric from Chris and the team at Driver Motorsports, and I could not be happier with the entire experience. I wanted to get the full experience, and made a 650mile drive with a friend to personally pick up and trailer my car home. Even with a blown out trailer tire, and a dead battery it was an amazing trip. Chris and Ed both made us feel like family, and spent a lot of time sharing their love of cars with us. The car itself is possibly cleaner than the pictures even made it seem, and it is clear that they only deal with vehicles of the highest caliber.   This is not like buying a car at your local dealership. It was extremely personal, tailored, friendly and enjoyable from beginning to end. Honestly the car is fantastic, but what made the experience as memorable as it is, was the level of friendship/service that was shown to me.

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Cartier Kirby Nissan S13 Silvia K's

My husband purchased a GTR from Driver Motorsports a couple of months ago and the experience was top notch. When I saw the S13 Silvia I jumped on it knowing that I was dealing with a great seller that sells only the best. Again, Chris didn’t disappoint and the service/experience was phenomenal. I had the car delivered within one day of the payment clearing. Thanks Driver Motorsports for making the car buying experience pleasant! I’m sure we’ll be back in the future.

Jdm car importer nissan s13 silvia k testimonial bg
William Lamont Exum

Nice machines all of them ain't see one bad vehicle yet. Real driver's vehicles!!!!

James McNeal

Even though I was unable to purchase a car from them, chris was always very responsive to my questions getting back within the hour if not immediately. Very down to earth, non pressuring, would recommend to anyone looking for an import vehicle.

Michael Shawnq Spencer

I have known Chris most of my life and he has always been honest and dependable in all his dealings with friends and customers

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