1990 R34 Skyline GTR RB26DETT

Driver Motorsports offers a service whereby we can facilitate your ownership of an R34 Skyline GTR. This GTR was brought in under the "Show & Display Exemption" from the NHTSB, and only certain models are allowed this exemption. This particular car was one of the less than 300 Midnight Purple II V-Spec R34 GTR produced. These special editions that are available for these exemptions are becoming very expensive - upwards of $200,000 plus! The other option is to buy an R34 GTR and have it stored in Japan until it becomes legal. Contact us for more information.

This may be the most beautiful Skyline GTR we've ever seen and this exemplary JDM legend sits in our very own showroom! As you get up close and personal, the sheen on the Midnight Purple paint pierces your eyes. You can walk around it and watch the colors change as this R34 attempts to blend into her environment. The body lines give it a look unlike any of the previous generations' Skylines and we can see why she is the most sought after. The factory R34 wheels were quickly replaced with 18" Volk TE37s giving this car its distinguished look. Inside this ride is an ultra-clean cockpit. The R34 seats in these cars are unbelievable and feature a race design that will hug you through the corners. The center console display allows you to completely monitor your RB26DETT to ensure everything is running tip-top at all times. These R34's are definitely the most prodigious when it comes to JDM vehicles. Contact us and to own a piece of JDM History!

Mod List:
18" Volk TE37s

Want modifications? With every purchase, we offer full service on whatever you need! Engine builds, Turbo Upgrades, Cams, Roll Cages, Wheel & Tires, Paint & Body, you name it.

Ready for pick up in Rustburg VA 24588 or we can arrange shipment to your door. This car is ready for the track, car shows or your daily driver. If you are looking to buy a quality JDM car in great condition come see us because we only import the best!

Driver Motorsports is proud to offer $500 off this car to all active-duty military personnel and veterans!

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R34 Skyline GTR






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