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Vlog | S1 E70 : We shut things down to focus on the GTR

Vlog | S1 E69 : We had a scare while filming the GTR..

1990 HKS T51R Single Turbo R32 Nissan Skyline GTR

Vlog | S1 E68: The moment we've been waiting for!

Vlog | S1 E67 : We're on MotorTrend!!

Driver Tech Tips | Build your own racing simulator cockpit

Vlog | S1 E66 : Joey brings back the S13 coupe!

Vlog | S1 E65 : Twin GTRS!!!

Vlog | S1 E64 : I don't think intakes are supposed to come with this...

FD RX7 Compilation

Sunset Orange 1992 3rd Gen Mazda RX-7

Vlog | S1 E63 : The FD hits the streets!

700+HP 1989 Black Metallic Precision Single Turbo R32 Nissan Skyline GTR

Vlog | S1 E62 : Consignment Goodies

Vlog | S1 E61 : Dr. Dipstick explains why adjusting valve lash is IMPORTANT!

Vlog | S1 E60 : We pull the RB26

Red 1992 Twin Turbo Z32 Fairlady Z

Vlog | S1 E59 : First startup on the FD and she screams!

Vlog | S1 E58 : We had an unhappy customer come by the shop...

Vlog | S1 E57 : Lonnie pays us a little visit